Competitive Foam Fall 2019

Dodgeball veterans, join us for our Thursday nights Competitive Foam League. This league will feature a competitive, aggressive, team oriented and strategy focused dodgeball experience. Players will be asked for a greater commitment to teamwork and attendance. Prior foam league experience is required to participate in the Competitive League. Players will have the opportunity to develop in a positive and serious team setting where winning matches is the ultimate goal.

Season information

Dates: October 3rd – November 14th
Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: Yesler Community Center
Registration Deadline: September 23rd
Cost: $50 registration per person
Players/Teams: There is a 63 player cap with a max of 9 teams. 


  • 7″ foam balls.
  • Ball is live off of ball or player. That means multi-outs are possible!
  • Catch off of a player or ball is a catch.
  • Boundary lines are hard (no part of your body may cross).
    Headshots are legal (but not encouraged)!
  • Full rules here

Competition & Community

  1. This league is a competitive league first. If you want to hone in your teamwork skills and try out some higher level rulesets, this is the place for you. If you want to try out that sweet new throw or catching off the wall strategy save those for pickup.
  2. Prior dodgeball experience is a must. Leagues, tournaments, a heap of pickup games all satisfy this requirement.
  3. We play by the honors system. If you get hit, go out. Court officials will be there just in case you miss something.