Battle in Seattle 2018 – Foam Tournament

Welcome to the Battle in Seattle. We invite you to join the very best dodgeball players in the NW and compete to be named the top team in the region. This tournament and party will feature the best players from Vancouver BC / Seattle / Portland / Eugene and is a ‘can’t miss’ event for all foam dodgeball lovers. We will not only feature the highest level of play in the region, but a real emphasis on integrity and spirit. Bring your A game and your A+ attitudes.

The Tournament

Competitive 8.25″ Foam Tournament
Team registration, 12 team limit
Saturday, October 27th, 11am – 5pm
Yesler Community Center [map].

Basic Rules

– 7v7 (Coed. At least two men and two women)
– Seven balls (Ball majority burden count)
– One out per ball.
– 25.5′ throw line, 10′ neutral zone
– No back line, hard boundaries (Elite style)
– No headshots on standing players
– 10min RR matches & Bo5 Double Elimination Bracket
– One out per ball.
– Full rules [here]

Spirit & Community

This is a tournament AND party! We’re going to make sure that all the players and fans are taken care of on the court and off. We’re working on securing an official gather place to host all participants. We want to feed you and make sure that you’re pampered after a big day of dodging. Keep your eye on the FB event for more updates…


If you have any questions about the league or dodgeball in general please don’t hesitate to ask.



All participants play at risk of having fun.
Registration: $140
Deadline: October 20th, 2018