BYOT No-Sting League

Welcome to Dodgeball Seattle’s newest league offering. Not only is this our first league featuring no-sting balls, but it is also our first bring-your-own-team league. This is a great opportunity to bring your group of friends into the sport together or to hone your skills as an established team. We will be using the Swiss round robin system, which is an innovative way to help teams of all skill levels play together and have fun. Let’s get down to the details.

Teams can have up to 10 players on the roster, but only six can be on the court at a time with a minimum three women on the court. There is a 12 team limit to this league.

The season itself will be Swiss round robin. That Swiss software does its best to pair teams together of similar skill level. The pairings will get better over time and we will pick up where we left off from the previous night. Weeks one through three are normal season play, however on week 4 we will have a fun mixer night where teams will intermingle while playing a variety of non-standard dodgeball games. Weeks five through seven will return to regular season play finishing with our end of season tournament on week eight.

The rules for this league are a mashup of our competitive foam league and recreational foam league. The foundation of the rules are the competitive foam league rules with notable adjustments. There will be 7 balls on the court and burden to throw is based on whoever has the majority of them. There are no headshots in this league, the thrower of a headshot will be out. Courts will play wall to wall, but maintain the 25 foot throw line. Depending on the venue there may or may not be a neutral zone.

The entry fee is $400/team. Sign up before October 11th to receive your team t-shirts on week one. Registrations between October 11th and October 18th will have shirts by week three at the latest.

The Season

Monday nights, 7-9pm
10/21 – 12/16 (except 11/11)
Between Greenlake and the Industrial District
(final venue to be announced)

Finals night 7-9:30pm

Note: The last resort venue will be Garfield Teen Life Center with an 8pm start time.

Basic Rules

– Comp foam rules base [here]
– No Headshots
– 7 ball majority burden (see rec rules)
– 25 foot throw lines

Spirit & Community

We play by the honors system. If you get hit, go out. Court officials will be there just in case you miss something.

Having fun is our priority. We really love our dodgeball, but don’t cry over results. We laugh, we dodge, we wear costumes, and we like to go out together for food and drink afterwards.


All participants play at risk of having fun.
Registration: $400/team
Deadline: October 18th, (October 11th for week 1 team shirts)


If you have any questions about the league or dodgeball in general please don’t hesitate to ask.
E-mail: (Roy McElmurry), Messenger: