Summer Rainbow League 2019

We’re back! The Summer Rainbow League dodgeball season will be our second season of dodgeball fun and we’re looking to build on our incredible (and SOLD OUT) spring season. The Rainbow League is an LGBTQIA+ community safe space that invites members to participate and share in all the fun that comes with “sportsball”, team cheers, matching uniforms, snack tables, and great people. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just looking to get active and meet new people, this is the league for you. All skill levels are welcome. Here’s a taste of what our dodgeball community is all about.

The Season

Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:30pm at the Yesler Community Center [map].

The league is eight weeks long, it begins July 10th, 2019 and ends August 28th, 2019. The first seven weeks are league matches and the last week is the PLAYOFFS. The last day will be followed with the AWARDS PARTY!!!

Basic Rules

– Throw foam balls.
– Dodge like crazy.
– Don’t let them catch your throw.
– Don’t drop your blocking ball.
– Last team standing wins!
– Full rules [here]

Spirit & Community

We play by the honors system. If you get hit, go out. Court officials will be there just in case you miss something.

Having fun is our priority. We really love dodgeball and we love each other. We laugh, we dodge, we wear costumes, and we like to go out together for food and drink afterwards.


If you have any questions about the league or dodgeball in general please don’t hesitate to ask.



Registration for the Summer Rainbow League season will be capped at 81 players. 
Registration: $40 (Scholarships available upon request. Email:
Deadline: Monday, July 1st, 2019