Player Code of Conduct

Our Core Values: 


  • We believe that everyone deserves respect and has something to offer.
  • We strive to create a safe places where all people can come together and have fun.
  • We welcome feedback and see it as essential to addressing the needs of a diverse and growing community.
  • We show our appreciation for our venues, equipment, and resources in all of our actions.
  • We look for ways to give back to the community at large and make a positive impact wherever we go.  
  • We make dodgeball accessible to everyone regardless of background or economic situation.


  • We compete with uncompromised spirit
  • We prioritize player integrity, the honors system, and self-refereeing
  • We see dodgeball as an opportunity for personal development: as a player and as a member of our respective communities.
  • We value all levels of competition from beginner to veteran

Expected Behavior: 

1. Spirit of the Game: 

  • Winning isn’t everything, the way you treat the people around you is. 
  • Every participant should play with the highest integrity and is responsible for officiating themselves. 
  • Each participant is responsible for learning and playing by the rules. 
  • A participant should never ignore or deliberately break the rules.

2. Respect for Teammates and Opponents: 

  • Participants are expected to contribute to the betterment of the community by building positive relationships with each other. 
  • Dodgeball Seattle values healthy competition, but never at the expense of another person. 
  • Players should acknowledge the skill and experience level of their opponent and the setting, and adjust their play, language, and behavior so that everyone feels welcome and has fun.
  • Any abuse, in person or online, towards another participant, teammate or opponent is unacceptable. (Verbal, physical, etc.)

3. Respect Facilitators (organizers, captains, and referees)

  • All of our events are volunteer-run by players just like you and their efforts create dodgeball opportunities for everyone else.
  • Respect these volunteers because they are players just like you.
  • Allow volunteers to do their jobs: hosting events, captaining their teams, and refereeing the games.

4. Respect for Venues: 

  • Be respectful of the dodgeball venues, staff working the venues, and all other people using the venues. 
  • Obey all applicable laws, regulations, and posted signs. 
  • Be good citizens, respectful gym users, and stewards of the community center. 
  • Abide by the ‘leave no trace’ motto and pick up all trash and other belongings. 
  • Report any venue issues to organizers or captains. 
  • Never use threatening or abusive language in our venues.

5. Fair Treatment of Others: 

  • All participants are to be treated fairly and respectfully regardless of gender identity, place of origin, race, sexual orientation, religion, political belief, or economic status.
  • All participants will actively support our under-represented community members’ inclusion, participation, and enjoyment.
  • Threats, abuse, discrimination, or harassment of anykind are prohibited in Dodgeball Seattle. This applies to in-person interactions aswell as online engagement.
  • It is the responsibility of all participants, but especially team captains and organizers to promote the fair treatment of others when they observe those values being ignored. 
  • Severe or repeated issues should be reported to team captains and organizers. 

6. Safe Play – Play and compete with regard for the safety and well-being of everyone. 

  • Rules and policies exist for the safety and enjoyment of all people. 
  • Dodgeball is a non-contact sport. It is the responsibility of all players to avoid contact in every way possible. Potentially dangerous plays should always be avoided. 
  • Players are expected to be aware of their body and actions on the court as well as pay attention to the actions of others to avoid contact. 
  • In contentious situations, participants are expected to embody principles of “Spirit of the Game” in their efforts to self-officiate and manage the game in a calm and responsible manner. 

7. Compliance with Dodgeball Seattle Policies & Guidelines 

  • All participants must respect and comply with Dodgeball Seattle policies. 
  • All participants must complete all participation agreements, waivers, and paperwork as required for each Dodgeball Seattle event. 
  • Dodgeball Seattle policies apply to participants during DBSEA play, DBSEA socials, and online forums.
  • Coaches and captains are expected to help Dodgeball Seattle organizers ensure that their team completes all of the required forms. 

8. Stewardship for Our Sport

  • All participants are stewards for our sport and the teams we play for. 
  • Players should acknowledge the skill and experience level of their opponent, the competitive level of the setting, and adjust their play, language, and behavior so that everyone feels welcome and has fun.
  • How each participant behaves in person and online directly affects what others think about our community.
  • Coaches and captains are expected to convey this code of conduct to their team and help their players be the best stewards they can be. 

Reporting a Problem

Have you experienced or witnessed a violation of the Dogeball Seattle Code of Conduct? Would you like to file an official complaint to the Dodgeball Seattle Board? Click the button below to get started.