The Rainbow Foamy

Event Information

Date: Saturday, April 11, 8am – 5PM
Venue: Yesler Community Center
Registration Deadline: Sunday, March 29
Ball Type: 7″ Foam
Rules: Foamy rules
Competition Level: Casual to intermediate
Cost: $30/player
Max # of players: 120 

Draft Tournament

This is an up to 12 team draft tournament. You can sign up with one friend that you would like to be drafted with. We reserve the right to break up power pairs. If you think that might be you, ask us.

After Party

Plan on hanging out after all the dodging. This is a great chance to introduce yourself to that dodger you’ve seen dozens of times, but have never met. Location will be near the gym and announced in the FB Event. Most likely at Madison Pub.

Latest Foamy Champions

You could be the next foamy champions! Congrats to ReignBros taking the title last season.

ReignBros, Foamy XII

Sprit & Community

In this tournament we want to highlight and celebrate our LGBTQ+ community members. All players are welcome to join and build new friendships in this fun day of kooky game variants.

Each team will be assigned a team color of the rainbow. The team that is the most decked out in their color will get a prize at the after party.

We play by the honors system. If you get hit, go out. Court officials will be there just in case you miss something.


  • The round robin will be played with optional fun games. During a match, teams will take turns selecting one of the games from game variants list (regular being one of those options).
  • The bracket and regular game play will be using the foamy ruleset. Full rules [here].
  • Knockout matches will be double elimination, best of seven games (time permitting).

The Venue

The tournament will be hosted at Yesler Community Center gymnasium, which has enough room for 3 dodgeball courts to play simultaneously. At full registration capacity, we will have 6 team playing, 3 reffing, and 3 on break at all times.

Gym Address

Yesler Community Center
917 E Yesler Way
Seattle, WA 98007


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