The Seattle Seven

The Seattle Seven
7 inch dodgeball tournament

The Seattle Seven is a one day tournament aimed at introducing 7 inch foam balls to the Seattle Dodgeball community. This will be a draft-style tournament with a 12 team cap (maximum of 8 players per team) and no gender requirements.

Tournament information

Date: Saturday, May 25th, 9 AM – 7 PM
Venue: Shoreline Community College
Registration Deadline: Monday, May 7th
Cost: $200 per team


  • This will be a draft-style tournament, using mostly WDBF rules:
  • Court Dimensions: 59 feet with a hard center line & 9 ft. check line. Three courts playing at once.
  • Head shots are still legal, but highly discouraged.
  • Fingers are safe, but hands are out (knuckles up).
  • Shagging: Competitive League style. No holding balls outside the court.

Key Rules

  • Rounds are timed, enters no-block if game is in progress at the buzzer.
  • Balls thrown before buzzer are live (can still be caught and get people out after the buzzer), everything after is not.
  • No neutral zone, only check lines.
  • Players start with one foot on the back-line, other foot in the court.
  • Back foot cannot lift until whistle starts the game.
  • Lines are lava
  • Balls and players are live until dead (multi-outs, no saves, can still throw after being hit, etc.)
  • Burden is ball count, then player count, then team that didn’t throw last, then team that won last, in that order.
  • Any throw from either team resets burden count.
  • Throws need to be at a player. You can’t reset the count by chucking a ball high or way off target.